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Here are a few GREAT reasons to buy NZ Possum Fur products:


  •  Possum fur is a robust and very good quality Fur. The fiber is hollow, has excellent insulation properties and so is very warm.
  •  Possum fur knitwear is warmer, lighter and more comfortable to wear than other products. 
  • Our Possum fiber is  blended with fine Merino wool with either Silk or Nylon added for strength
  • Possum fiber contains Natural anti-bacterial components that combat odours.
  • Possum leather is soft, subtle and extremely durable and this is why professional golfers choose possum skin gloves to wear over any other leather. 
  • Possum is an introduced pest in New Zealand. By purchasing possum clothing or accessories you are supporting the fight to protect our native birds and forests that are being devastated by the Possum.
  • We provide our products to a World-wide customer base and are proud to say that celebrities and well know leaders have worn our exclusive handmade possum products.
  • We know our stuff and after 40 years in the industry we really are "The Possum People".

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