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Possum Fur Throws & Cushions, Luxury Knitwear, Exclusive Fur-lined & Sheepskin Footwear

Established 1969  

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Possum Fur Loop Collar Scarf


Product Description:

Single-side Possum fur , with Satin backing. 100% hand made in New Zealand.

Size : Aprox. Length:80cm, Width:12cm

Colour : Natural Brown, Natural Grey, Black, Red

Please ask if you have other colour preferences as we can make to order.

Easy to Wear - one end of the  Collar loops through a hidden sleeve and you ar ready to go.

Great Design -  length and width  keeps your neck warm and adds a touch of class to go with any other garment. A versatile and warm accessory

Care : General airing out of direct sunlight and soft brushing. For any spills on fur,  Use a damp cloth.Gentle Brushing will revitalise fur. Care instructions can be included in post.

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