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Possum Fur Throws & Cushions, Luxury Knitwear, Exclusive Fur-lined & Sheepskin Footwear

Established 1969  

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Possum Fur Back Belt - Small, Medium & Large


Are you wanting WARMTH - Support for ASSISTED RECOVERY for BACK PAIN.

Natural BAMBOO stretch fabric BELT with an inner Natural POSSUM-FUR  liner PAD to create and RETAIN HEAT.

Possum Fur Pad is worn against the skin of your back, this ASSISTS & PROMOTES RECOVERY & PAIN RELIEF for SORE, TIRED BACKS.

Small, Medium, Large 

*Small Belt approx. Length 60cm with up to 74 cm stretch. Inside Possum Fur pad is approx. 26cm long

*Medium Belt approx. Length 74cm with up to 94cm stretch. Inside Possum Fur pad is approx.29cm long

*Large Belt approx. Length 94cm with up to 113cm stretch. Inside Possum Fur pad is approx. 33cm long

*XLarge Belt approx. Length 110 with up to 130cm stretch. Inside Possum Fur pad is approx. 46 cm.

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